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Keyword actions

Keyword actions are words that go in a sentence that instruct the player or card to perform a specific action.

  • Tap: turn 90 degrees. Tapped permanent can't attack, block, or use tap abilities
  • Lag: turn 180 degrees. Lagged units and new units that came under your control can't attack or use tap/untap abilities
  • Draw: put top card of deck to hand
  • Trash: put into trash from anywhere
  • Void: put into void from anywhere
  • Deploy: play card from hand
  • Destroy: trash a card on the field
  • Sacrifice: trash a permanent one controls
  • Discard: trash a card in the hand
  • Withdraw: put into hand from the field
  • Generate: add power to your power bank
  • Negate: target project or ability has no effect
  • Disable: tap an untapped permanent one controls
  • Deal damage: a card deals damage to another card
  • Target: chosen card, by default it must be on the field with exceptions
  • Make: put new noncard permanents (i.e. tokens) on field
  • Waste N: put top N cards of deck into trash
  • Scroll N: look at top N card of deck and put any of them on top or bottom of deck.
  • Fight: two units directly deal damage to each other outside of combat
  • Search: look through your library for a card matching criteria
  • Revive: save a permanent from destruction. remove all damage from that permanent and tap and lag it.
  • Transform: turn over a card to the other face
  • Materialize: put a card from another zone face down onto the field
  • Attach: a card becomes a part of another card
  • Clone: copy all aspects of an object as printed on the original card

Keyword abilities

Words or phrases that stand alone and work the same way on all cards. They may be granted to cards from other abilities. Evergreen keywords marked by *.

  • *Slow abilities can be activated only during your action phase when the schedule is empty and you have priority
  • *Flight units can only be blocked by other units with flight or anti-flight
  • *Anti-flight units can block units with flight
  • *First hit units deal damage before normal units
  • *Double hit units deal damage twice during combat
  • *Readiness units are unaffected by lag and can attack and use their activated abilities on the same turn they enter the field
  • *Paralyzed units don't untap and unlag during their controller's refresh step
  • *Vanguard units that attack must be assigned blockers before attacking units without vanguard
  • *Bane units destroy any units that they damage
  • *Lifedrain units give life to its controller when it deals damage
  • *Aegis make permanents and players not targetable by projects and abilities controlled by opponents
  • *Immunity make permanents and players immune to cards with certain characteristics
  • *Indestructible permanents can't be destroyed
  • *Equip allow items to be attached to your units
  • *Mods are attached to specified cards and grant bonuses or maluses
  • *Overrun units deal leftover damage to the opponent
  • *Covert units can only be blocked by units with greater [A]
  • *Learning units lets its controller draw a card when they deal combat damage to an opponent
  • *Prevail units give you a victory point whenever they deal combat damage to an opponent
  • *Sabotage units cause a player to waste cards when they deal combat damage to that player
  • *Tactics units get +1 [O][H][A] this turn when you deploy an event
  • *Untiring units don't tap when attacking
  • *Homebound units can't attack
  • *Disability abilities can't be activated or triggered
  • Berserk units must attack each turn
  • Cowardice units can't block
  • Incognito cards can be deployed face down, and pay a cost to turn it face up
  • *Loyalty objects can only be controlled by its owner
  • *Fragility objects are destroyed when any damage is dealt to them
  • *Exposure objects are sacrificed when they become the target of a project or ability

Keyword Nouns

Nouns that have special meanings in the game.

  • *Snapshot : Copy only the last known information of an object. Not to be confused with Clone.


Abilities preceded by a stylized (italicized) word or phrase. These stylized words and phrases have no explicit meaning in the rules. Collectively they follow a similar templating or a central idea, but the details may differ from card to card.

  • Threshold : Effect if you have seven or more cards in your graveyard.
  • Morbid: Effect when or if a creature dies.
  • Domain : Scaling effect for each basic land type you control.
  • Chroma : Scaling effect for each matching mana type in its cost.

Unnamed mechanics

Some mechanics have no official names or reference words on the card, but still have similar templating and game play effects across many cards.

  • Free draw: cards with the words "Draw a card" appended at the end.
  • 187: units and items with abilities that trigger when they enter the field.
  • Types of power: decks, sets and cycles may center around cards with more than one trait (i.e. multi-trait) or special forms of power, such as hybrid power.
  • Split cards: hold two cards on two halves of a card face
  • Double faced cards: hold two cards on either face of a card