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MOGEC is a set of game rules for a customizable card game. It stands for:

  • Open - the rules, gameplay, and mechanics are open and free for anyone to publish, reprint, distribute, use, amend. Create your own variants, house rules, formats.
  • Generic - suitable for any genre, theme, play style, format.
  • Expandable - anyone may create their own cards and sets. Publish and distribute their own cards. Just include "Compatible with MOGEC" or similar phrase in your product's descriptions and advertisements
  • Customizable - players build their own decks as they see fit by intermingling any official and/or custom cards and sets. Decks may be based on themes, strategies, sets, mechanics, etc.
  • Card game - game using mainly cards. Optional equipment like coins, dice, and beans if instructed by cards and special rules.

In short, this means MOGEC has no copyright. Anybody is free to borrow the rules, and even alter and add their own rules to the game. Anyone can create, sell, and distribute cards and sets for this game without asking for permission. These cards and sets are inter-operable and may be played together even if they were designed by different people for different genres, themes, mechanics, and settings.