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Alpha is the first set designed for MOGEC. It showcases the trinity traits mind, body, soul and their divergent paths to victory, as well as flavor and derivative elements. The cards cover a wide range of genres and topics to give a general idea of the boundless scope the rules are capable of. Sets created after Alpha may have more cohesive themes.


Trait Fortes

Each trait favors certain modi operandi, card types, zones, and stats.

Trait Details
Trait Mind Body Soul
Power Trait-mind.png Trait-body.png Trait-soul.png
MO knowledge, deplete own stockpile combat, drop opponents' life totals to 0 destiny, control lands and scenes
Zone deck, hand field, trash schedule, void
Card type events units items
Stat Stat-skill.png skill primary, Stat-might.png might secondary Stat-might.png might primary, Stat-heart.png heart secondary Stat-heart.png heart primary, Stat-skill.png skill secondary


Event subtypes, or domains, correspond to traits and combination of traits, for total 27 domains. Each domain has a primary (row) and secondary (column) trait.

Traited Domains
Mind Body Soul
Mind > Psyche Shape • Data • Design Program • Logic • Void
Body > Space • Atom • Metal Matter Earth • Electromagnet • Entropy
Soul > Morality • Sound • Air Radiance • Life • Fire Spirit
Trinity / Null Humanity • Art • Time • Force • Water • Group


3 mono-traited and 6 multi-traited factions:

Faction Traits Symbols
Li Mind Trait-mind.png
Ya Body Trait-body.png
Hu Soul Trait-soul.png
Dessin Mind+Body Trait-mind.pngTrait-body.png
Magitek Body+Mind Trait-body.pngTrait-mind.png
Sherena Body+Soul Trait-body.pngTrait-soul.png
Vivichi Soul+Body Trait-soul.pngTrait-body.png
Keisinger Soul+Mind Trait-soul.pngTrait-mind.png
Hansoy Mind+Soul Trait-mind.pngTrait-soul.png
Factionless All or None Trait-less.pngTrait-mind.pngTrait-body.pngTrait-soul.png

Card List

Trait-mind.png Mind cards

Common Uncommon Rare Legendary
Units Carrier PigeonHansoy SpyPlastic Idol Virtual Warrior Hansoy Scholar
Items Mental ExerciseBrainstorm Omniscience
Events ConfuteDenyEducateThink Genius's Plan All Hands on DeckConduct Research
Paragons Han Singjin

Trait-body.png Body cards

Common Uncommon Rare Legendary
Units Cryosis MammothPau Stalker Mekkan Juggernaut
Items Mithril Longblade Missile Launcher Global War
Events Crushing BlowLean DietPunch Thousand Hand SlapWorker's Plan

Trait-soul.png Soul cards

Common Uncommon Rare Legendary
Units Skeletal Vognosaur Rescue Helicopter
Items Flight BiorhythmUniversal Healthcare Power Surge
Events Spiritual Sacrifice Charity MarathonLover's PlanRebirth

Trait-mind.pngTrait-body.pngTrait-soul.png Multi-traited cards

Common Uncommon Rare Legendary
Units Keitseon Angel Enlightened PolymathRabid Vampire
Events OptimizeInvigorateWithdrawShape UpDying InsideDeath Sentence

Traitless cards

Common Uncommon Rare Legendary
Units Test Subject
Items Sapphire BatteryEmerald BatteryRuby BatteryCrystal Battery Sapphire MedallionEmerald MedallionRuby MedallionCrystal Medallion
Events AnnihilateTabula Rasa

Place cards

Basic Common Uncommon Rare Legendary
Trait-less.png Site Terrain Generator
Trait-mind.png Coast
Trait-body.png Forest
Trait-soul.png Mountain
Trait-mind.pngTrait-body.png Shored WoodsWooded Shores Rain Forest
Trait-body.pngTrait-soul.png Hilly WoodsWooded Hills Alpine Forest
Trait-soul.pngTrait-mind.png Hilly ShoresShored Hills Sea Cliff